Technorati passes 8 million blogs tracked

Sometime over the weekend blog tracking company Technorati passed 8 million blogs, roughly 7 weeks since passing 7 million figure, and 6 million blogs higher that the same time in 2004.

Technorati competitor PubSub recently surpassed 9 million blogs, but the service has affected by an inoperable link and word tracking interface recently.

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  • The PubSub service is and has been stable for quite some time and our user numbers continue to grow quite nicely.

    One minor feature on our site, LinkRanks, has been offline since Feb 9 as we work on improving and testing the ranking forumula that drives it. Our goal is to produce a formula that is less susceptible to spamming and explicit attacks. We expect to re-enable this feature shortly.

    If you wish to criticize us for having taken too long to re-implement LinkRanks, I can accept that. However, your claim that we’ve be “plagued by system failures” is simply not true.

    bob wyman

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