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Ten Million Dollars In New Funding For Friendster

Ten Million Dollars In New Funding For Friendster

With the social networking wars heating up between MySpace and its various copycats, Friendster has received some extra cash in order to regain its spot as a major player in the field.

(TechWhack News) Online social networking portal Friendster has said that they have received $10 million in new funding.

This would help them to expand in global markets around the world and get its dominating position back in the market, which is now dominated by sites like, Facebook and Orkut.

According to the article, Friendster’s president Kent Lindtrom goal is for the site to build “real-world relationships between friends” instead of the normal virtual ones that are fairly common, especially in places like MySpace.

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Whether this translates into future profits for Friendster or not, only time can tell, but their strategy of connecting geeks people beyond cyberspace may make it popular once again.

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