Ten worst internet acquisitions, ’cause we love lists

A little Friday reading, how ‘€˜bout that? Check out this list, with comments, over at SeekingAlpha. It’€™s the ten worst internet acquisitions of all time, meaning both pre- and post dotcom.

I can’€™t really agree with some of the acquisitions on the list though. The Microsoft purchase of Hotmail ranks 10, for instance. Sure, you might expect bigger things from Microsoft online ‘€“ I still do ‘€“ but the fact that a lot of non-techies wanted to have your Hotmail address, so that they could send you a Hotmail, not e-mail mind you, speaks loads.

The Broadcast.com deal makes it to the list as well. I remember them fondly, Yahoo where trying to get ahead in Sweden and wanted me to pimp their game channel with trailers and video reviews. Still, it was during the hard years, and they could only pay with ad space and backlinks. Good times.

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  • I wonder where we will rank the YouTube and MySpace aquisitions 2 years from now? It will take alot of ad revenue to recoup the billions spent on these two fad websites.

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