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Telstra starts blogging
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  • Hey Duncan,
    I’m no spelling/grammar snob but you might want to check on the spelling of Tesltra … I mean Telstra – seeing it’s the main keyword/tag ;-)

  • Martin
    you’re as always right. Its my typing I tell you. I never learnt to touch type properly and to this day I still only use about 7-8 of my fingers but being left handed my left hand tends to type quicker than my right hand, hence the stuff up with the spelling, corrected and thanks for the tip, even if you did miss the fun I’ve been having with tags :-)

  • Duncan,

    “as always right” – whaddya been drinking tonight? ;-) I’m probably right 15% of the time; 15% of the time I’m wrong and the rest I just don’t have a clue!

    You use 7-8 fingers – that’s like 4 more than me.

    Oh, I didn’t miss the tag joke – At least you’ll be guaranteed the number one spot for those tags ;-)

    On a serious note – what’s up with Darren at ProB – have you seen the nasty comment some fuckwit made over there. I’m surprised he hasn’t deleted it – is everything okay there?

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