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The Bivings Report wins Award of Merit

The Bivings Report wins Award of Merit

Congratulations to The Bivings Report for getting the Award of Merit in the business category at a SNCR gala recently.

Read the post over at The Bivings Report, and give them a pat on the back. There are a few interesting tidbits from the post author as well, from the gala. Like this comparison by Paul Gillin:

New media: Outsource everything, leverage free content, involve the community, go after niche markets, market virally, low overhead, few staff, new web creating a robust set of operating principles, little to no barriers to entry.

Old media: Large infrastructure, supported by very expensive advertising, increasingly relies on blogosphere for niche news content, broader markets, subjective editorial decision-making necessary, significant barriers to entry.

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Congrats again!

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  • Thanks for the congrats Thord! As you do, we’ve worked hard on our blog but ultimately it has really helped us focus as a firm and has encouraged each of us that contribute to it to really stay ahead with what we know best.
    Thanks again,

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