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The Blog 50

The Blog 50

A new blogger ranking blog, The Blog 50, has launched:

Here it is ‘€” the reason behind the creation. The source of the force. This is the debut of The Blog 50, a weekly chart listing the most influential/best bloggers in the blogosphere. If you need more information about the secret formula that goes into The Blog 50, you can refer to our secret sauce page, but you’€™ll probably be disappointed.

After you’€™ve read the list, stick around and discuss it with us. We’€™ll be checking in quite often with news, views and pointed opinions about people in the blogosphere, and it will be quite entertaining ‘€” especially if you’€™re not a big fan of Dave Winer. Neither are we. And hey, someone has to make up for all the cool stuff Nick Douglas stopped doing when he sold out to Denton for Valleywag.

The choices for the top 5 bloggers are interesting:

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  • Peter Rojas
  • Jason Calacanis
  • Cory Doctorow
  • Nick Denton
  • Mark Cuban

Most of those make sense to me.. but Mark Cuban? I love the guy’s blog, but listing him as the 5th most influential / 5th best blogger seems like a stretch to me…

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  • The list sucks because some of the sites are not even blogs.

    But I really think that there is a growing interest in a top blogers list…think billboard and Hits. People love that stuff.
    The key kis coming up with an algorythym (sic) that people can respect. I think it should be by links to a certain post per week. Thatwould mean it would change every week. And give us low level bloggers something to strive for.

    When you guys add that to your site don’t feel the need to give me credit. :)

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