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The Blog Herald Blog Count February 2006: 200 million blogs in existence

The Blog Herald Blog Count February 2006: 200 million blogs in existence

Its been 4 months since the last Blog Herald Blog Count (October 2005) and the blogosphere keeps getting bigger!

The good news: the blogosphere continues to boom. This month I estimate there to be 200 million blogs in existence.

The sums by country add up to approx 154 million blogs and by host 185 million, but this doesn’t take into account a pile of places + smaller hosts + self hosted blogs. Hence I’m calling the figure 200 million blogs.

Like October, I’m providing two sets of figures, one based on the number blogs per country (where I am able to ascertain or estimate the number of blogs in a particular country) and a set of figures per reasonably sized provider.

I won’t bore everyone with the history of the Blog Count this month, or why I do it, but I will say this: Technorati doesn’t even come close to tracking all blogs, and they never will. Note to the MSM, don’t quote Technorati figures as being representative of the number of blogs, look at some of the sources I have referenced, and do your own sums.

February 2006.

By country:

Australia: approx 750,000
Ben Barren in ZDNet Australia for 2006. This is the same figure I estimated in Oct 05. Australia has always been difficult to calculate because of the .com / tracking problems, however I think the figure is about right.

Austria: approx 20,000
Ref: Loic Le Meur. These figures are now 7 months old, but I’ve seen nothing since.

Belgium: approx 100,000
Skynet: 68,000 in October 2005, however they seemed to have removed the figure from their site.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: less than 2,000
LJ: 989. Rest unknown. This figure is down from October when LJ reported a figure 50% higher than it does now.

Brunei: less than 2,000

Canada: approx 700,000
very difficult to estimate as many Canadians would use US providers. LJ shows 225,000.

China: 36.82 million
People’s Daily Online quoting Baidu on 19 Dec 05. This figure also corresponds with earlier press reports showing figures above 30 million from other sources in China as well.

Croatia: approx 75000 now has 65,291 blogs at the time of writing + a little more for other sites.

Czech Republic: approx 10,000
Ref: Loic. Figure now 7 months old so could and should be higher.

Denmark: approx 15,000 has nearly 7,176, Smartlog 2,723, LJ 2,842.

Finland: approx 170,000
Oct 05.

France: approx 4.5 million
Ublog 65,000 (Oct 05, don’t seem to be adding their figures up any more)
Canalblog 94,279.

Germany: 300,000
Hugo Martin from June 05. I’ve got no more recent figures however I suspect the figure is higher given blogs started getting press during the German elections + you tend to see German bloggers popping up in the German media for frequently these days.

Greece: less than 5,000
ref: Loic figure 7 months old, no further information since.

India: 1.2 million
Financial Express Dec 05.

Iran: 200,000-700,000
From research I previously received from Koorosh Eslamzade estimated there was 700,000 Iranian blogs, however it’s difficult to confirm the figure. In the October blog count I tried compiling Iranian/ Persian blog hosts but it was near on impossible this time. Maybe 200-300,000?? certainly blogging is very popular in Iran amongst younger people.

Ireland: approx 75,000
Loic says 9,000 7 months old and as in October I believe the figure would be a lot higher.

Israel: approx 100,000
thanks Jariv

Italy: approx 250,000
Splinder: 168,047
Excite: 18,989
Timblog: 12,000 (Oct 05) 15132
Aruba: 6,538
LJ: 6,435
+ others per Loic.

Japan: at least 10 million
Search Engine Journal quoting Ask Jeeves Japan in Nov 05 (10 million). I couldn’t get the translation to work properly but as of today I found a figure of 9,943,869 at their site.

Malaysia: approx 20,000
The Star in June 05 (now offline) + LJ.

The Netherlands: approx 600,000
ref: Loic, now 7 months old.

Philippines: approx 75,000
LJ + Pinoy. Plus there are a pile of Pinoy bloggers writing on Anglosphere services as well.

Poland: approx 1.6 million 981187
Tenbit 253837 134,500, (Oct 05, stats removed from site) 90,00 (Oct 05, possibly more now, they seem to split the figures upto into fotoblogs and what not, but can’t find a decent Polish online translator) 75,051 38,338
LJ: 3,085

Russia: approx 400,000
LJ: 232,928 users
Loic claims 800,000 but I’m putting the figure at 400,000 (as I did in Oct 05) without any hard evidence, although likely more

South Korea: approx 20 million
See posts here and here + notes from previous blog countsd].
No new figures since Oct 05.

Spain: approx 1.5 million reports 1 million MSN Spaces + others. (Oct 05)

Ukraine: 50,000
Loic, figures 7 months old.

See Also
part-time work

United Kingdom: approx 4 million
1.5 million UK residents using Spaces as of the end of June 05 ( ). 183823 UK users on Live Journal. Anglosphere problem in estimating figure as many UK bloggers using US services, see notes from July and October blog count. Likely to be higher again with MySpace and Xanga in the picture.

United States: approx 50-70 million
Impossible to calculate and this is a rough guess only. If we presume that the vast majority of people using MySpace, Xanga and Spaces are from the US then the figure would be higher again.

By host (known, and 1 million and above)

MySpace: 47.3 million
USA Today.

Xanga: 45 million
re: WPXI quoted the figure of 40 million in July 2005 and I haven’t seen another figure since, hence I’ve estimated 45 million but probably higher.

MSN Spaces: 30 million +
See this article at The Blog Herald for more details.

Blogger: 15 million

Cyworld: 13 million
October 2005 figure, they no longer publish the total number on site.

SixApart: 12 million
based on 9.5 million at Live Journal plus other published reports from SixApart, may be marginally higher.

Bokee: 7 million +
unconfirmed reports, however given the total number of blogs in China likely to be higher.

Planet Weblog Service: 6 million
June 2005 figure.

Skyblog: 3.8 million

Yahoo Blogs Korea: 3 million
October 2005.

Greatest Journal: 1.3 million

Other US Live Journal clones: 1 million
ref: Perseus 1 million

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  • > SixApart: 12 million based on 9.5 million at Live Journal plus other published reports from SixApart, may be marginally higher.

    So are you saying SixApart actually hosts 2.5 million in addition to Live Journal blogs? There are 2.5 million Typepad blogs?

  • the 2.5 includes MT, for memory they’ve quoted 1-1.5 million for each (cant remember which was which, sorry). I’ll have a troll through the archives and see if I can find the reference. SA is the only real exception in the hosting stakes because I’ve included MT in the figures (which they don’t host but provide), apologies, should have referenced it better.

  • 1 Million Typepad blogs? Do you believe that? That would be ~$80-100 million in yearly revenue for SA *from Typepad alone*… It’s hard to believe that a whole series of events wouldn’t have been triggered already (IPOs, mergers, etc.) if those numbers were true…

  • John
    how else do you think they are paying for all that staff??? the quest really isn’t gross revenue but net profit, and if they are profitable I wouldn’t think by a lot.

  • I keep a list of blogs in Europe on my site – here some additions / corrections:

    Austria 80.000 plus

    Belgium 200.000 plus

    Bosnia and Herzegovina 4.000 plus

    Bulgaria 10.000 plus

    Czech R. 20.000 plus

    Greece 10.000 plus

    Latvian 4.000 plus

    Lithuanian 8.000

    Luxemburg 5.000 plus

    Russia 800.000 plus

    Slovakia 8.500

    Turkey 100.000 plus

    Ukraine 80.000 plus

    in Germany there was a study on the Web which is regulary used for spending adverting money (410 Mio. Euro in 2005) I still carry 350.000 plus in my list, here my blog entry:

    W3B finds 4,3 Million Bloggers in Germany

    Reading this entry means you proceed on your one risk. Do not spend your (or your company’s) ‘means of subsistence’ on this figures!

    According to the 21. W3B Study from Fittkau & Maass (the ‘sample’ is 100.460) we all need to correct our figures on the German Blogosphere. Fittkauu & Maass don’t tell about Blogs, but about Bloggers and it reads like this if you calculate one Blog per Blogger:

    Per November 2005, in Germany there are at least

    4.284.000 Weblog(ger)

    1.428.000 active Weblogs – with at least one entry per monthly

    750.000 active Weblogs – with at least one entry per week

    using the (N)ONLINER Atlas (June 2005) from the d21 Initiative as our base for the total number of Internet-Users

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