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The Blog Herald has sold (Part 2)

The Blog Herald has sold (Part 2)

As written about elsewhere The Blog Herald has sold. Due to the contract I am not at liberty to discuss the buyer or the amount of the sale unless given permission by the new owners. Settlement, all things being equal is set for early March so I’ll still be around for a while. Not sure yet whether I’ll be required to be writing here after that for any length of time as this is still subject to discussion.

I haven’t entered into a non-compete contract but I’m not the sort of person who would sell a blog then go out and write one in direct competition + I’ve got far to many other things on my hands to keep me busy (b5media & Weblog Empire :-) ). I will start writing a bit more over at my personal blog ( in the coming days (and maybe put up a decent design as well) and will most likely post there fairly regularly, but I won’t be covering blog news, although I will most likely occasionally comment on blog-related things that are of interest, and do the occasional link style post like Steve Rubel does. I’ll also be looking at covering Web 2.0 stuff there as well, non-blogging stuff because it is of interest, particularly speculating when the bubble will burst. I might even start trying to get my year long book writing project finished, although I may need to rely on Darren to plug me in the future :-)

No fond goodbyes yet, but I’d like to thank Jeremy for all his hard work in trying to get the sale to happen, and to everyone who has linked or sent me emails of support over the last couple of weeks. I’ve just got a quote on getting the new house painted inside and once this settles I’ll be able to afford to pay for it, and the fence, the dishwasher…but I will still have to lay the floor (I’m not paying anyone $9k AUD to lay flooring!)

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