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The Blog Herald in the Sydney Morning Herald

The Blog Herald in the Sydney Morning Herald

It takes a Slashdotting to do it, but my thanks to Charles Wright at the Razor blog at the Sydney Morning Herald for mentioning The Blog Herald, even if the analysis is slightly wrong. My figures continue to grow, because although I may have geek tendancies I don’t write about geek subjects (well…mostly, PVRSpot is pretty geekish I guess). It’s so nice to see an Australian blogger mentioned in one of Australia’s leading newpapers. Lets make it a trend. Cameron’s going to be on 60 minutes soon, and Darren’s bound to get another mention over his latest pay day somewhere in the Australian press!

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  • Duncan … well done. What are the secrets – other than being slashed – to getting publicity in the Aussie media.

    I can’t belileve how hard it is for bloggers to get a mention – I never had problems in my previous businesses getting such publicity.

    I hope it’s not because the MSM feel threatented by blogs! Give me a break if that’s so … that’s why they’re mainstream and blogs are a niche. I don’t see much changing.

  • They still don’t take blogging seriously in the main, unless you were actually one of them to start with, such as Tim Blair or Margo Kingston. The coverage here in minimal, and then when it does happen its usually something off the wire service.

    I’d be wrong in suggesting that all journo’s here are anti-blogging, but certainly the lack of coverage makes it suffice to presume that this is probably true in a lot of cases.

    I’m confident though, it will change. We do tend to lag behind the rest of the world here on somethings, and tech is one particular area…..

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