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The Blog Herald joins b5media

The Blog Herald joins b5media

A quick note to announce that The Blog Herald has formally joined the b5media network.

For those who may be reading this for the first time, the b5media blogging network is a joint owned company of Jeremy Wright of, perhaps most famous to readers for being denied entry into the United States because he declared that his occupation was “blogging”, Darren Rowse, who many would know as the 6 figure blogger who writes the blog, and your’s truly.

Its a big committment for me after writing the Blog Herald as a solo effort for 2 1/2 years, and more recently under the Weblog Empire banner. Weblog Empire is now pretty much absorbed into the b5media network and I’ll be making a formal announcement about this later next week, but certainly blogs like The Gadget Blog, and the Windows Vista Weblog has already gone across to the new network.

Why give up Weblog Empire? well already b5media has more blogs than I could ever personally manage…about 22 at last count, and growing weekly. The opportunity to work with people who are literally leaders in the field, although they don’t always get credit as such amongst the A-List (and those who put together such lists….hint..hint) Jeremy Wright and Darren Rowse is an amazing opportunity that is already paying benefits. I’m not one for hype, but I can say seriously that this is big time and we are doing, and are going to do big things.

As Blog Herald readers, naturally, I invite you to join me for the ride, it isn’t always pretty, and if I didn’t say it like it was you’d abandon me at the drop of a hat, but here it is: I won’t be selling out, and you’ll still see the same raw blogging news you’ve come to expect.

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  • Good luck to you, Duncan. I can imagine it’s a big step to dissolve what has been your identity and source of reputation online in a larger outfit. Being a b5 blogger myself, I had the same reservations. But there’s no doubt b5 is going more places than there have previously been places. And, as a board member, you’re in at the kill when Rupert makes his move ;-)

  • Congratulaions

    I maintain a blog network list

    does this mean that Weblog Empire is totally gone? .. when you say absorbed do you mean merged or replaced?

  • What’s the difference between yours and your’s?

    Yours is the second person possessive pronoun – it replaces “your” + noun.

    Is this yours or theirs?

    He found a book – is it yours?

    I can’t find my wallet, but yours is on the table.

    Yours is a better idea.

    Yours sincerely


    Though you may see your’s written even by native speakers, it is incorrect. Yours should never have an apostrophe.

    The Bottom Line

    The idea that yours needs an apostrophe comes out of the fact that on virtually every other word ‘s indicates possession, so English speakers sometimes think yours should be spelled your’s. However, this is always incorrect – yours is the only correct spelling.

  • Congratulations Duncan (and Jeremy and Darren).

    Although Jeremy is the only one of you I have actually met in person, I have followed all 3 of you through the ‘sphere. I always felt you guys had smart ideas. You should be all the more formidable working together.

  • Mark

    Duncan has always been a terrible at spelling and his grammar is even worser (get it?)

    As there is clearly someone more anal about this stuff than me, I will hand over the task of nagging Duncan about his spelling and grammar to you and get on with more useful things in life.

    What will I do with all the time on my hands?

  • Duncan, congrats on officially making the A-team. I enjoy reading Darren’s Problogger for tips, your site for blogging news and Jeremy’s Ensight for juicy tidbits – all of which help fuel my thinking and posting. Keep giving me things to write about!

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