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The Colonel gets a makeover, reaches the stars

The Colonel gets a makeover, reaches the stars

The new ColonelKentucky Fried Chicken isn’€™t very big in Sweden. In fact, I’€™m not sure if we even have KFC’€™s here. Last time I was at one of the greasy bucket fast food joints was in London (that’€™s England, people) a couple of years ago. I didn’€™t buy anything though, food from a bucket didn’€™t appeal to me then, and it doesn’€™t now.

But I like redesigns, and therefore it’€™s interesting to read about the new logo. The ever present Colonel Sanders has been in the logo since day one, and he’€™s still there. Degraded, it would seem, since he now sports an apron. Or perhaps he felt like getting in touch with the man on the street, what do I know, the Texas wannabe cowboy look is gone, replaced with a ‘€œdo you want chicken with that fat, son?’€? kind of style.

Brand New has a piece containing comparisons to all the logos and a little history. They also write about the major PR stunt that’€™s surrounding this new logo. You see, KFC will put a huge Colonel in the desert so that you can see him from space, like, the next time you’€™re on the moon or something.

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I’€™m sure the good folks up at the ISS is really thrilled about that, when they sit there eating their dry astronaut food.

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  • You have a great site. Thanks.

    I recommend a follow-up post on KFC realizing how stupid their idea was. They wised up, and beamed their ad onto the surface of the moon so it’s visible on Earth. Makes more sense!

    Get the whole inside story at

    See you on the veranda!

    Millionaire richard Quick, Esq.

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