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The importance of proofreading

The importance of proofreading

Darren over at Problogger runs a series of reader quick tips, presumably to be able to take some time off I guess. We all need time off, and Darren has a solid user base to rely on in times like these. Lucky bloke.

Anyway, a recent tip tells you to proofread. While this might sound like a ‘€œduh!’€? moment you’€™ll soon discover that most online writers in the semi-professional circle actually don’€™t do it. A fairly large part don’€™t even use spell checkers to get rid of those annoying mistakes that you really don’€™t need to be doing.

I think you should proofread, but it’€™s even better if you can get someone else to do it for you, since you can get pretty error blind to your own writing. Now, having a second person proofing your blog posts might not be possible since the blogosphere often demands a pretty high pace, but it is ideal.

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Proofread and spell check. I do it all the time, and sure, I still make mistakes. That’€™s only natural (especially for me, English not being my primary language), and it’€™s just at natural to try to make as few of them as possible. Trust me, you should be happy about that’€¦

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  • TDH you are exactly right, especially for us, who’s primary language is different then english.

    Spell checking was little troubling before Firefox 2.0 came out. About third party proof reading best but hard to find someone, but i have a advantage as my wife and brother go through my post often. So even if late still i do get some help from extra eyes. I think blogger should try that let their -friends, relatives read the posts(Unless its too private). Since there are some common mistakes a person make and yet always overlook, ex- i always have problem with “Then” and “Than”. Whichever i put spellcheck will not hold it wrong, so need an extra set of eyes to get that.

  • “That’s only natural (especially for me, English not being my primary language), and it’s just at natural to try to make as few of them as possible.”

    Did you mean just “as natural,” or was this a proofreading test?

    Just teasing a little. Post on proofreading and that is always when you will make a mistake.

  • Thord these kinds of posts are great. I hadn’t checked my last title and noticed I spelled “Philosophers” wrong once it went live. :( It is corrected now thanks to your reminder to check my spelling. :)

  • Kamrul,
    A good example of when having someone else proofread. Thank you! A quick suggestion as well: If you use a fairly new version of Word you’ll get a brief grammatical check as well, not just the words as you do with Firefox 2.0 or Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

    Darren H,
    Let’s say it was a test, shall we? ;) Seriously, this is a pretty good example of when I go word blind on myself. Someone else reading it (you!) will find it soon enough.

    Ouch. Titles are a drag since there are permalinks and everything.

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