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The importance of providing content, and the best time to do it

The importance of providing content, and the best time to do it

Duncan Riley> I’ve been playing a bit lately with the time of day and the amount I post (although admittedly it depends on the amount of blog news I can find), and following a post at the Radiant Marketing Group, the folks behind the Professsional Bloggers Association on the importance of posting, its time to share some traffic knowledge with the Blogosphere.

1. Post often
This is probably a known given in the blogosphere, but for those who are unaware, the theory goes like this
More Posts = More Traffic
Your amount of posts is relative to your amount of traffic.
But I will qualify the statement. Post about rubbish and they won’t come for long, and if no one knows where your blog is, you won’t get the traffic either. The theory is based on your ability to promote your blog through the regular channels, which include ping services, blog search engines, and RSS readers, whilst providing “sticky” content. Write to your target audience and never take them for fools. You should always be assessing the quality of your work as well as the quantity, but the reality is, quantity also counts.

2. Post time
The time of day your post appears also helps your traffic drive. The main audience of the Blog Herald is the United States and Canada. I’m +8 GMT whilst the West Coast is -6GMT, 14 hours difference. By accident, I’ve found if I post between 7am and 12 noon my time (5pm and 10pm US WST) my traffic increases for the day, and I’d note that my stats are based on US EST where the server is, and the Google Adsense stats in US WST. This means that my updates are hitting my main market after working hours where the majority of bloggers are online. Whether through RSS reader, or other tool, posting in this time frame boosts stats. If I post later in the day (this post is being written for example at 7:45pm +8GMT) its not going to be immediately picked up in the US and Canadian markets until later on, and then only if well received, which I always hope for :-)

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3. Post headline
Always look at maximising your return on your post headline. Yes, I tend to be a little sensationalistic, but the headline often helps in search engines to increase traffic. In January the most visited post at the Blog Herald was a small post pointing to a story from Defamer on a potential Jennifer Aniston Blog. Although not by purpose, the wording of the headline was a hit on Google and search for “Jennifer Aniston Blogging” on Google will bring the Blog Herald up at No.1 and its delivered me about 1,000 views for the month. I’d note that its also provided the highest number of exit pages, but only 75% exit. 25% explore more, click on adds, or take an interest in something else on the site. Basically 250 new readers from one small tale. I’m not suggesting by any means to fib in your title, lie and your lose your credibility overnight, but keeping honest and original in your headings can provide increased traffic and revenue.

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