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The Inaugural ProBlogger Best Blog Awards Award

The Inaugural ProBlogger Best Blog Awards Award

Darren’s having some fun over at Problogger with the Inaugural ProBlogger Best Blog Awards Award, in which he asks readers to vote for their favorite blog award. Personally I voted for The Bloggies, these guys have been around in the blogosphere longer than I have and due to their random voting process (they pick X number of voters at random from people who nominated blogs) would have to be close to the most objective blog awards out there.

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  • The same ‘competition’ is already going on for more than one month now at the Dutch Bloggies-weblog, the Dutch Bloggies being the elections for the best Dutch weblogs. Although it’s going on for already that long time, nobody has reacted on it yet. But that was not really the purpose of starting it.
    Here’s the url: , the title meaning: Best WeblogAward Elections.
    (I’m sorry I didn’t get track of all the awards I found and talked about on the site, it was way too much at a certain moment, while still nobody responded).

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