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The Jihad against Blogspot

The Jihad against Blogspot

Some people like Google, others don’t, but there is a new jihad in the Blogosphere aimed directly at the profit making, blogging arm of the Google machine: Blogspot. Lead by Dean of Deans World and, the jihad offers blogspot hosted blogs the chance to leave the dark side and be assisted with the setup of MT hosted blogs on a free hosting package offered by 1&1. Dean states that he is sick of great online writers being stuck on a service (BlogSpot) which is often down, often unreliable, and whose archives and perma-links often don’t work. If your a Blogspot user, definitely worth a visit.

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  • Isn’t there something in the agreement with MT that says it is prohibited to charge people to set up MT for them since this is a service being sold by the MT creators? I know that was the case when I downloaded MT a few months ago. Is the jihad planning to do all this for free?

    I always encourage bloggers who don’t want to learn how to set up MT themselves to just get a free website hosted at their own domain through ($25/yr inclusive) and use a combo of blogger for posting and haloscan for comments. My main blog is MT, but I have another mini-blog attached to my work website that I manage through this method. Not everyone needs to be on MT, as great as it is.

  • Yes, the jihad project offers totally free MT blogs. Dean is actually offering an MT Blog for free and a domain name as well. I’m also offering free MT blogs on my site, but I don’t have the free domain deal.

  • is a less commercial site that offers free MT blogs. some folks like dealing with (run by individuals) better than dealing with the 1&1 (a corporation) nice to have choices!

  • Some strange feeling seized me when I read your comment, Stacy.
    Does Stacy’s post look strange here?
    No. So Stacy, what is the point in your comment?
    There always has to be some point.
    Nothing personal tho.

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