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The pending decline of MT

The pending decline of MT

Duncan Riley> From day 1 I have been an MT fan and have often being criticized for my undying love for the product and the Trott’s, but today my spell was broken with the launch of MT 3.0 developer edition and SixApart’s new pricing structure for MT.
Want to have more than 1 author on your MT 3 powered blog: that will be $99.99 USD please or if you buy in the next 10 minutes we’ll cut the price to $69.99 and thrown in a free set of streak knives!. And even for this price you are limited to 5 blogs only. Want more blogs, cough up some more money.
The darling swan of the blogging set is turning into an ugly duckling before our eyes, and Ben Trott looks like he is starting to have visions that he is Bill Gates everyday. Not only do we get a “Developer Edition” which would normally be a Microsoft like code for “Beta which we never quite debugged properly” but the pricing structure in a highly competitive marketplace will drive many self-installing bloggers to over alternatives such as TextPattern or WordPress (although I’ve never been able to successfully install WordPress).
Perhaps I’m being too harsh, but I’ll certainly start looking elsewhere. Tell me what you think.

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