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The power of content theft: $297 and you to can become a professional thief
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  • I to share your concerns about this software, as an Internet Marketer myself I’m disgusted by the big names promoting crap like this.

    I recently posted about another plague effecting the marketing and blogging communities

    Smart Pages take automated content creation to the extremes, and a lot of people are mixing this with tools such as blog power to pollute Search Engine results with their crappy spam sites.

    The best best way to rid ourselves of these sites is to report them to Google and other Search Engines.

  • I posted about another, similar program going for $249 last month. As usual, the greedheads are trying to spoil everything.

  • Right On!

    I wrote a couple of articles on this very topic/ product. I ruffled a few feathers myself. I even managed to get into a bit of a scrap, with Josh Anderson, over on the How-To Forum. LOL!

    I am all for syndication, but not every writer/ publisher wants their content to be freely reprinted without their consent or control. And software that chokes search engines with endless pages of nonsense should be scrapped. A cheat is a cheat is a cheat.

    People really miss the boat with this crap. If you need good content for your web site, network with those who have the content you need, or pay someone to write it for you… Don’t steal it.

    Internet marketing is all about networking. This kind of program kills the relationship building facet of using RSS communications, and promotes laziness.

    That’s my Two Cents.

  • This is simply disgusting. If people want good content for their sites, they should find writers, establish relationships, and get it the legal way. Stealing is stealing, and theft is theft no matter how you label it. Indeed, we need to make a stand, and these people need to be denounced for the thieves that they are.

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