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The rapid self-destruction of a new PC

The rapid self-destruction of a new PC

Want to see what happens when you set out to deliberately destroy a new PC by clicking on adware, malware, spyware, and just about any other infectious PC disease you can think of?

Wired has you covered:

Day 18: I take the Dell to Best Buy’€™s Geek Squad and tell a technician that I’€™m having a bit of trouble with it. Less than four hours later I get a call back from Carla. She declares it a total loss and advises wiping the hard drive and restoring it with system disks. ‘€œThe tech ran a couple of virus scans,’€? she says. ‘€œOne kept beeping so much that he had to just turn it off.’€? Ah, that’€™s the stuff.

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My advice: Buy a Mac.

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