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The real Podcasting alternative to Skype?

The real Podcasting alternative to Skype?

Duncan Riley> One of the main reasons I haven’t persued Podcasting is the difficulty in recording Skype calls, and for those who haven’t tried it’s best summerised as thus: a complete pain in the rear end, and that’s the nice way of putting it. Skype does a reasonable job of one to one calls, but anything above that, and any attempts to record the call just make it plain to hard for the average user, including me.

So let me introduce the software that may really herald the Podcast revolution: The GizmoProject. They’ve popped up on a number of blogs lately and I thougt to myself yet another VOIP project. But I downloaded it tonight, and there is one major difference that will see these guys take over Skype within months as the choice of most podcasters: and that the built in ability to record conversations. From what I can gather they don’t even support conference calls yet but the ability to record conversations without third party software makes them a winner in my books. Call quality is about the same as Skype. If you haven’t checked them out yet do so. I can be contacted on Gizmoproject: duncanriley if you want to chat.

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  • Conference calling is supported indirectly.. We are still building the module to control the conference call from within your gizmo phone..

    If you just want to dump people into a conference call and chat you can pick any number with the format 1222-xxx-xxxx .

    If everyone dials they get dropped into the same conference room!.. Just chat away..

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