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The Top Ten: Bloggers I Respect

The Top Ten: Bloggers I Respect

There are many bloggers that I respect – but here’s an attempt to outline the folks that hold a special place in my heart.

This list is in no particular order…

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  • Aaron Brazell – Aaron is the technology manager at b5media and a long-time blogger over at his personal blog Technosailor. Aaron was one of the first to join us here at The Blog Herald, and although he didn’t blog here anymore he’s still someone who I respect greatly.
  • Duncan Riley – Duncan is the founder of The Blog Herald and one of the founders of b5media before he got screwed. He’s the original blogger about blogging news. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does next.
  • David Krug – David is a great friend and some time business partner who has twice negotiated major blog sales & purchases on my behalf. He blogs at Celebrity Cowboy and the new 901am.
  • Neptunus Lex – Lex is a Captain in the United States Navy who blogs about aviation, his life, and being an officer in the US Navy. And there’s some political spice mixed in as well.
  • Sgt. Hook – Sergeant Hook is a Command Sergeant Major in the United States Army stationed somewhere in the United States. A little salty sometimes when he slips into Drill Sgt. Bleu mode, you’ll find no better blog to learn about what our soldiers are up to and what life in the Army is like than Sgt. Hook.
  • Warren Meyer – Warren is a small business owner and libertarian living out in Arizona who writes passionately about running a small business. I read him to keep myself grounded and remind myself although I think government regulations suck – that I’m not the only one stuck in the hell of red-tape.
  • Chris Pearson – Uber-designer and Tubetorial co-founder Chris Pearson is hands down one of the best all-around designers & creative minds in the blogosphere. And he’s a hell of a guy too.
  • Ben Bleikamp – I only wish that I was as talented as Ben Bleikamp when I was his age and hanging out in college. I sure as hell wasn’t designing blogs, writing great posts, or working at a place like b5media.
  • Martin Neumann – Martin writes over at ePublishingDaily and some other places. He was the original owner of Blog Network Watch before we acquired it from him about a year ago. Martin is nothing if not an authentic voice in the blogosphere and a great source of advice on one of our upcoming endeavors.
  • Tony Hung – easily the best of the new crop of bloggers emerging out of the last few months. Tony writes over at Deep Jive Interests and the new Blogger Talks. In a year, we’ll all be staying “I knew Tony when…”

Tomorrow, I’ll post the Top Ten Blogosphere personalities that I can’t stand…

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