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The Way of Things

The Way of Things

Lawn Greengrass> Before I get started on this one I do want to say that I could be wrong. I hope I’m wrong. It’s just a feeling I have. But with things going the way that they have been for the past week or two I must admit to growing more and more suspicious. I think that some of my theories are actually not so far out as I thought they were and are actually beginning to bear fruit. Theories? Fruit? What the hell are you talking about Greengrass? Out with it man. I’ll come straight to the point.
I think Blogging is coming of age.

However, I do not necessarily think that this is a good thing. There are changes afoot that I do not like . Which is a shame because for so many Bloggers, myself included, the act of Blogging has been an almost Damascus Road experience. The basic fact that you can share your views, thoughts etc with the ‘world’, is mind-blowing enough. The discovery that there’s something wonderful in this Blogging thing is a cry that’s reverberating throughout cyberspace. But for perhaps the wrong reasons.
Everybody’s doing it. Or at least pretending to do it. Politicians. Corporate Bodies. The Press. They’re all dipping their grubby little fingers into the honey pot. To my mind and to a man, all of them cuckoos in the nest, destined to over-run and inherit the whole kit and caboodle and there ain’t nothing we can do about it. Blogging has, or is just about to, lose its innocence. I fear that true Blogging has lost the day. I can feel it in my water. I can even feel it from within.
Blogging, and I don’t know if I’m the only one to have noticed, has already begun to develop a well-formed Hierarchy. There’s already a group of Blog aristocrats who, resting on the laurels of an almost guaranteed readership, appear to have forgotten their brothers and sisters out there in BlogLand and it would seem, can’t be bothered to link to or even read other Blogs. Traitors to a man/woman. Then there’s the Technocrats. The Keepers of the Crown Jewels who in ord er to keep the secrets close to their own chests, communicate with their geeky friends and cohorts in a language that us average Bloggers find impenetrable. Help is hard to come by.
The truth of the matter is the gloves are off. Blogging is in danger of becoming a dirty word. There’s power in blogging and the power-hungry have noticed. But there you go that’s the way of things. That’s evolution for you. At least it was fun while it lasted.

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  • Just wanted to agree in particular with some of Lawn’s comments on the Blog Aristocracy. It is never possible to promote every blog out there but there are a growing number of top bloggers who will either not promote other blogs or only promote from within a select few, which undermines the fundamental basis on which the blogosphere was born, that bloggers comment on current events and other blogs, creating an uber-network of free speech.

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