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The Winners of the 2005 Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards

The Winners of the 2005 Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards

Its that time of the year again, and whilst its still Christmas Eve in much of the world, its Christmas Morning here at Blog Herald HQ, and that means its time to announce the winners of the 2005 Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards. My thanks to our judges, Mr Real Estate John Mudd, and our grand leader, the President of b5media Jeremy Wright.

This year we had a reasonable number of entries, sure, its no huge interstellar blogging awards, but its all about the spirit of Christmas, and that’s what counts.

Best Overall Christmas Blog
a unanimous decision by the judges!
Santa’s Journal

Best Posting about Christmas on a Blog

This was by far the hardest category to judge, and the judges all picked different posts, but thanks to the joy of the patented Blog Herald voting system the winner is:
Gayla’s House with The Elf That Came to Our House
I’d recommend many of the other posts as well though, some really amazing stuff.

Best Christmas Decoration of a Blog
A tight race again
That Blog takes the prize for certainly a very original interpretation of Christmas decorations

See Also
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Best new blog
Happy and Blue 2

Winnings will be sent out in the next couple of days. Congratulations to all the winners and my thanks for everyone who entered. Merry Christmas to you all and the competition will be back next year for the 4th year.

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