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The Worm Within

The Worm Within

It has nothing to do with blogs, but this man’s story of having a tapeworm was the highlight of my morning.

Just imagine, sitting on the toilet, pulling and pulling on a dead tapeworm that seems to never end.. that’s his story.. gross, but hilarious.

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  • Matt… that has been a most entertaining toilet story read.

    …a couple of days later, there it was again, an albino king sitting on top of his soft brown throne.

    and this…

    I leapt up straight into the air, spun around, and nothing spun around with me.

    I am still laughing. :):):)

  • LMAO… I’m just getting ready to post an art review. I have about 5 on the go and one is near completion :) and it has to do with a toilet.


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