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Things to keep track of online

Things to keep track of online

Sometimes stating the obvious is a great way to get linkage online. Lists always work, as a lot of prominent probloggers have pointed out in the past. For some reason readers always swallows them whole, with a knowing smile since they really just pointed out what most of us already have been thinking. Then again, sometimes you need a reminder so they fill their purpose.

A schizophrenic view on lists? Me? Oh no, never…

Anyway, here’€™s another successful list getting linked from lots of wonderful sites, including this one. It started out with 10 things you should be monitoring, a post about tracking the buzz around your product but it actually applies to most web projects. Then it got meme’€™d with another 7 entries by Jeremiah Owyang.

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Read it, do the knowingly nod, and then realize that you once again fell for a list linkage.

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  • You’re right that these are painfully obvious. The problem is that not many companies are tracking these things. Also, with the way social media is now the barriers to publishing information online is nil. Anyone can say anything they want at any time, and these people have audiences so it’s important to monitor these things.

    More importantly is the way the buz is managed.

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