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Tools of the Alpha Geeks – and a look at my own tools

Tools of the Alpha Geeks – and a look at my own tools

JD Lasica, who has been in Israel with a group of bloggers – including Robert Scoble, Susan Mernit, and many others, profiles the tools being used by the alpha geeks on the trip.

For example, here’s a look at JD’s tools:

Google Reader
TypePad (blog platform), but switching to WordPress
Google Talk
Ourmedia (video sharing and media publishing)
SpinXpress (private file sharing)
ImageWell (image capture and resizing/cropping tool)
Activewords (PC-only productivity tool)
Snapz Pro (Mac-only screen and video capture)

I find these lists pretty interesting because it gives me a chance to see what tools other are using – and some insight into their own workflow.

Here’s a look at the tools that I use regularly:

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part-time work

  • Firefox (Web Browser)w/ several extensions
  • Twitter
  • (Bookmark Sharing) – when I’m away from my Macbook Pro, I use to track things I want to blog or read later. Plus it’s my repository of interesting links for later reference. I tag away like a madman.
  • Skype – our office phone and my personal phone and handled via Skype. Otherwise it’s cell phones for me.
  • Flickr (photo sharing)
  • iTunes
  • BBEdit – Text editor
  • Google GMail – managing multiple accounts via one email box. I just switched to this a few days ago and wouldn’t ever look back.
  • NetNewsWire & NewsGator – Feed reading speedmachine on a Mac. I tried Google Reader and just couldn’t do it. My workflow is much nicer under this combination.
  • WordPress – I used to be a Movable Type fanatic, but in 2006 I switched and haven’t looked back. Both are good products – but WordPress is the right one for me.
  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Bridge, Dreamweaver, and more – best damn graphical tools around. Nothing else compares.
  • Adium – Instant Messaging tool – Mac only, but cross-API messaging. Love it.
  • Transmit – SFTP/FTP client – for moving images and other audio files around.
  • YouTube – my place for uploading videos.. for now
  • Quickbooks – Financials. Definitely my least favorite part of all of these.

I’m deliberately excluding my podcasting tools since I’ll be discussing those in an upcoming post.

Those are my tools (and JD’s above) – what are your tools?

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  • Safari (tested FF3b but switched back)
    Journler: Great PIM and project manager.
    TextMate: I use this for everything. (Combined with GeekTool, it is my daily organizer as well.) (Won’t switch to Gmail because of biz accounts)
    NetNewsWire (like you, tried GReader but switched back)
    Adobe Suite
    Quark Express (at times)
    Pixelmator (for quick, easy graphics. Love the interface.)
    iTunes (Must. Have. Music.)
    iBank (personal) and iBiz (business)
    Scrivener (for my writing)
    Numbers (don’t ask, but I do…)
    QUICKSILVER (how anyone on a Mac gets away without it is beyond me…)

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