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Top 6 Things to Keep in Mind While Sending Bulk Emails

Top 6 Things to Keep in Mind While Sending Bulk Emails

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Bulk email delivery is a service that is undeniable for your success and growth in digital marketing. As the name suggests, bulk email is reaching out to a mass audience through email at once, but we need to ensure whether the email is leaving any impact on the audience or not.

So here are a few suggestions you should keep in mind while sending out bulk emails.

Personalization – Personalization plays a major role when it comes to email marketing. Your existing clients and targeted audience both should get a feel that you are directly speaking to them and are highly concerned about them. 

Ways in which personalized emails can help you perform better:

  • Superior and unique content defines you better and lets you stand out from the crowd 
  • Enhanced ability to reach out to specific audiences and effectively target them
  • Building deeper relations with the customers
  • Metrics are a proof that adding a personal touch (For example – a first name) to your email can boost customer engagement.
  • High probability of improved customer retention as personalized emails is not just about connection, rather it’s a great way to help your customers and provide required suggestions.
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Format of the mail to avoid being marked as SPAM – Built-in antispam filter is now a part of most of the well-known mail servers, but sometimes such filters fail and delete completely legal emails too based on the format of the mail! To avoid this situation for your messages you should definitely follow these basic rules:

  • Always include a plain text part in the email because missing plain text makes the spam filters suspicious.
  • Text > Image size, avoid including large images in the email as the spam filters become suspicious once they see a very high ratio of image to text.
  • Use of a good SMTP server becomes a necessity to ensure that the mails will go to their specific destination with speed.
  • Avoid multiple-attachments

Know more about how to avoid being a part of spam.

Validation and Verification of bulk emails – Bulk e-mail data you use to reach out to your customers may have duplicate, junk and invalid ID’s. Sending emails to such ID’s can lead to blocking of your IP address or even your mail ID. 

So as a precautionary measure it becomes mandatory to verify and validate the email ID data. So, in such cases what you need is an advanced Email Validation tool that can help you filter your database in a few minutes by removing the junk and invalid emails and providing a clean e-mail database.

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Avoid Confusing Information – High quality, easy-to-understand content is a priority for a website. The same is true in case of bulk emails too. Bulk information can be too confusing at times especially when they are transferred through email, so avoid filling up your email with any unnecessary information. In short, don’t bog down the email and confuse the reader with irrelevant details. They might only read the first half of your email and if that doesn’t include the highlights in an engaging way, they may go through the complete content. The email should be brief, attractive, to the point and should definitely have a Call-to-Action.

Time your emails correctly – Any information is valuable only when it is shared with the right person at the right time. But a common mistake that is made by a lot of people is sending out a mass email as soon as it has been approved. A lot of consideration is not given to the following points while sending bulk email due to which the open rate is highly impacted:

  • what time of day – Like sending an email at night will not be fruitful
  • what day of the week – Sending emails on weekend lead to low deliverability 
  • or if any national or local event(s) is going on when they send

Simple but attractive design – Design and content play a major role when it comes to the response rate of the bulk emails sent to the target audience. 

From a design standpoint, one of the easiest ways to capture a reader’s attention is through high-quality, relevant, impactful imagery. Give an attractive design to your email templates with multiple tools available, keep the content simple and highlight one or two points maximum because “too many spices spoil the dish”. So give limited information to avoid ending up with a confused reader. 

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Other than these points what you should do is a research of the bulk emails already sent out. If you see that one mass email had a significantly higher open rate than another, try to figure out what it was about the one with more opens that caused it to be that way.

Author Bio:

Bharti Jain – I am a learner and writer who likes to jot down my thoughts as and when they enter my brain. I really believe in the fact that to be successful we need to give weight to small but relevant matters instead of applying all our energy on complicated huge and not that relevant tasks!

I am an active writer on Quora, have recently celebrated the silver jubilee of the views of my answers 



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