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5 Crystal Clear Translation Services That Will Boost WordPress Site Conversions

5 Crystal Clear Translation Services That Will Boost WordPress Site Conversions

boost wordpress conversions

If you’re reading this article, then your site or sites are probably optimized exclusively for the English-speaking audience. You’ve also probably never considered translating your website to cater to the non-English speaking audience. By the end of this article, you will come to realize why you’ve been missing out big time.

Some people might think that English is the primary language of the internet as well as the entire world of online commerce. But the truth is; English is only spoken by 32.8% of the entire online community. And as the competition gets smaller, this measly number gets even smaller.

Here are some other interesting facts about the online market that you’re probably unaware of:

  • 72% of consumers surf the internet with their native language
  • 42% of consumers will be hesitant to buy without any translated information for the product
  • 90% of European consumers will go for a translated site if it’s available

The Dawn of Global Advertising

In the past, targeting a specific local audience gained marketers a competitive advantage. It was easier to rank in search engines and create relatable content. But in the recent years, established firms began expanding their market reach in an international scale. A big competitor in India or London could be targeting your local audience in Los Angeles.

How Can You Increase eCommerce Conversions In A Competitive Industry

In addition to enlarging your target market, having a well-translated website also gives you the following benefits:

  • Better Trust – Translating your website to a specific language shows that you’re all about user experience. Given that there are still a great deal of sites that do not offer translation, showing this initiative definitely helps develop consumer trust in your brand.
  • Better Search Engine Visibility – It may come as to surprise to you, but Google, Yahoo, or Bing are not the primary search engines in some countries like Japan and France. With this being said, remember that translating your site to a specific language allows it to be indexed in foreign search engines, too.
  • Better Sales Performance – Ultimately, all the other benefits of translating your site will result in better conversions and bigger revenue. Of course, you have expanded your market, improved user experience, and increased the global visibility of your website – what else will you expect?

Finding the Best Translation

Translating your website is a bold marketing move, but it can also harm your credibility if you do it the wrong way. It is a significant communication blunder that can jeopardize your global advertising effort. If you study the infographic below from 24 Hour Translation Service, you will learn just how miscommunication – including mistranslation – can ruin your company’s online image.

boost wordpress conversions

You simply can’t afford messing up a crucial facet of your marketing strategy. And to avoid this, you should only consider the proven translation services for a multilingual website. Without further ado, here is a list of the most accurate translation services available today.

Boost WordPress conversions with these services


boost wordpress conversions

If you want to translate your website fast, then you shouldn’t look for any complicated solutions. Prisna is one of the easiest and most popular translation plugins available for websites made with WordPress. Basically, it installs a dropdown translation menu for your users. It is easy to implement, reliable, and comes with a very helpful customer support team. The plugin also allows customization options so that the translator suits the theme of your site.


translation services

A good alternative to Prisna would be TextKing; a straightforward translation service that processes individual documents. The best thing about TextKing is that it will be personally translated by one of their professional translators. They also have a fast turnaround. So if you want to avoid mistranslations and want things done fast, TextKing might be a good option for you.

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One Hour Translation

translation services

Just like TextKing, One Hour Translation offers a personal translation service that’s project-based. The site features a transparent instant quote feature so you know exactly what to get out of their service. In addition to a worry-free translation, you also get to specify an industry for your document so they can match a qualified expert, which is an excellent feature for retaining the flow, tone, and context of your article.


boost wordpress conversions

WPML – or WordPress Multilingual Plugin – is a complete suite for supporting translation on your WordPress website. It has the functionality to translate individual posts, pages, taxonomy, menus, and other text elements found in your theme. It even has a language editor so you can add and customize “language variants” (Mexican Spanish, Canadian French, Etc.).



Sure – UpWork may not be a service meant exclusively for language translations. But it gives you access to the online reserve of dedicated professionals who are driven by excellence. Through the site, you can hire a freelance translator who can personally handle your projects. One advantage of this is that it can be cost-efficient, depending on your project proposal. Just remember to do a background check before committing to a freelancer. Although uncommon, it’s possible for you to get scammed through the service.

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