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Twas The Blog Herald that’s been on the market

Twas The Blog Herald that’s been on the market

More at Ensight.

No panicking though, I’m likely to be here for a fair bit longer, and the process is still not complete at the time of writing.

I had a long, rambling post here about the reasons why but I just deleted it….too long, but I will summarise:
1. Conflict of Interest
Its becoming increasing difficult to write about blog networks when I am a part owner of a blog network. As much as I’ve been doing this stuff for years the perception is there. It may surprise some, but I’ve always tried to hold myself to some journalistic standards.

2. I need the money
It’s no secret that I’ve become a full time Problogger. However with a new house on the way (they’re more expensive than having kids :-) ) and no other income this sale gives me the capital to cover my mortgage for the next year or two, finish things off with the house, and maybe even take my first proper holiday (ie not visiting relatives in Melbourne) in around 8 years.
3. Protecting the brand
The Blog Herald has always been bigger than I am, and although many people have gotten to know my through it, it’s still a stronger brand that Duncan Riley, blogger. Although the site continues to grow even today, it has the potential to do so much more better with an owner who can spend the time nurturing her even more than I have.
4. b5media/ other things
Jeremy writes that “[Duncan] no longer enjoying writing it as much as he used to” and to some extent this is true. Some days are a lot easier than others, but the issue of enjoyment needs to be considered with the other things I wish to do. I’m basically now working full time for b5media, from working with our bloggers, to maintenance, scripting….you name it, and I want to focus my attention here. Also I’d like to have some more time to have a go at a few new blogs as well.

I’ll probably have more to say a bit later on once the sale is finalised, including some long winded thank you’s to a whole pile of people and that sort of thing, but its still not quite 7am yet so I need some more caffeine.

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  • Unfortunatly, the way you did it though means that the people who were wanting to make money from it had first dibs, rather than the people who are passionate about the subjects of Blogging/Blog Networks etc.

    Who knows, maybe there’ll be MORE ads on this site.

  • Congratulations on finding a solid alternative for the site. People need to start thinking of blogs as a small business. They are often hard to sell, and need lots of attention. If you have a larger company, with many outlets, you can centralize management and have managers, ie the blog network.

    Good luck with Jeremy and Darren developing B5 to its full potential.

  • To the first commenters, charming. To the others, thanks.

    As for more ads I’d think their may even be less, as somebody who knows the ad market will be able to better target ads and get a higher return for less ad spots, something I’ve never been particular good at, although the site is still making a healthy return, but compared to similar sites (traffic wise) it can and will do a whole lot better under new management

  • Hey dude, its your blog.

    I was merely pointing out that this blog is going to be used as a cash cown now.

    Personally and this may not reflect your views but I think as a human it would, If I was selling a close project of mine, i’d EASILY choose between someone with passion, rather than someone who wants to line their pockets.

    Wouldn’t the world be boring if everyone got along?

    Congrats though.

  • I even offered a few bucks and they turned me down. And I would have even let it stay B5. I even offered to throw in JOAB. But to no avail.

  • Duncan started my blogging passion so I am a little sad that he is selling the Blog Herald, but at the same time I am delighted that he is getting due recognition for his blog and blogging experience.

    It seems to me that there are some people who still regard the blogosphere as insignificant, however Duncan has proved with the Blog Herald and with all his blogs that the potential of the blogosphere is limitless and that it only takes dedication, imagination and intellect, to make a go of it.

    Onya Duncan

  • ok, my grammar has never been that good, admittedly, but it shows the strength of The Blog Herald that someone as functionally illiterate as me (or is that I?) can still make a go of it :-)

  • I never cease to be amazed at those who fault commercial online ventures for having advertising on their sites. While I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the day when we can put up an “Ad Free” site and then just sit back and watch our bank balance increase as a result, I doubt that day will be coming anytime soon.

  • Well lucky you Zach. Some of us actually need to earn a living though.

    You know the unimportant stuff like providing for our wives and kids. Sorry if doing that offends you.

  • Congrats Duncan!

    Although you still will be around for a couple of months, I will miss your fierce blog reporting style in the future!

    Best wishes to your family and friends and let us know when you launch your other blog sites (it will be interesting to see the mind of Duncan outside the general blog news talk). Cheers!

  • This is where your dream began … may it reaches the highest of heaven.

    You deserve to enjoy the rocky foundations you build at the Herald. It is a great news now we might have a drink with Duncan if he invades one of the Sydney grog parties ;-P

  • A pub crawl around The Rocks Jozef, finishing naturally at Jacksons on George (if its still there, been 10 years this year since I left Sydney) where we can drunkedly sign along to Ke Sah and American Pie :-)

  • Eoghann, no need to start flaming, I was only stating. And to be honest, I put a lot of effort into non-profit work but also spend a LOT of time working. My point was not about the ads really, just that this place’ll turn commercial and most probally loose its edge with someone using it as a cash cow.

  • Jacksons on George – still there ;-P Duncan,

    One day we might recreate the past decades …

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