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TypePad under fire again for further problems

TypePad under fire again for further problems

TypePad users are reporting further problems with the SixApart owned hosted blogging service despite promsies recently by the company that problems had been fixed. What follows are extracts from posts made by a number of TypePad users made in the last 24-48 hours.

Triss Hussey writes at the Business Blog Consulting Blog:

“I’ve had it. TypePad has been sluggish/down all morning (Pacific time) for me and I think their grace period is over…I’ve had it. We can’t run businesses like this.”

Flying Piggie writes in Goodbye TypePad, his post on leaving the service:

“There’s a place out there, where trackbacks do just that, and control panels are always accessible to users, and where images are safe…a place where pages load before my pedicure is done, and signing in is not a ‘try, try, again’ activity.”

Dog Fight at Bankstown writes:

“I’d actually spent more than a couple of minutes of two of them: one on Paris another on the terror arrests here. With lots of juicy links. But the unforseen blogological event that is Typepad these days, swallowed them up. So while I wait for several tonnes of code to be poured into plug the abyss, and the statements reassuring me all is well with Typepad, what can I say. “


“I’m sorry if you couldn’t reach Phylax yesterday… TypePad encountered more “server downtime” and the whole application was out of order for hours. I couldn’t post and you had no commenting facility. This is getting to be a serious nuisance, so I’ll be working again on alternative hosting solutions”

Something Requisitely Witty and Urbane has a really, really long vent here, but makes two clear points: customer service at TypePad sucks, and the service regularly fails.

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“As far as I’m concerned, the Typepad performance in the last 2-3 weeks is more like a bashed-in fender. They blame it on an upgrade of a product I don’t use and a move to a new server farm because they are so popular. They won’t be if they don’t stop frsutrating users like me.”

defenestrate99 leaves TypePad:
“I have decided that I am officially on the prowl for a new blog service. I am tired of TypePad’s downright awful page speed and their apparent inability to provide stats with any degree of consistency. I get, like, six visitors a week and I’m throwing in the towel. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for someone with substantive traffic having to rely on this level of craptacular service. Service that I pay for.”

The well regarded Ed Cone:
“TypePad woes. Slooooow to post. Worse, slow to do other stuff. Like load archives. Times out, a lot. Same with deleting screwed up archive import, even in small batches. Three weeks left on the free trial. Not loving it.”

Do you have a tale of TypePad woe? let us know in the comments.

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  • I have a number of sites on Typepad but my two main ones are The Rock and Roll Report and my newest called F1 Prospects.Com. I was actually working from home the other day so I reasoned it would be easy for me to do a bit of writing for F1 Prospects.Com on the side at the same time. Wrong! Typepad was down more than up and I got so frustrated that I am now officialy in search mode for a new blogging service. I have narrowed it down to a WordPress powered site or Expression Engine. I have been a big fan of Typepad (especially their support staff) but enough is enough. I write for fun, not to get frustrated time and time again.

  • Don’t do, try You get a completely free WordPress blog, and you have full control. FTP uploading, all that stuff. That’s where I’ve just started. Getting a blog takes two weeks (one of their many puzzling rules), and you have to upgrade to the lates stable version of WP whenever it comes out, but other than that it’s perfect

  • Another crash-and-burn at TypePad on December 15th. Control panel is still not accessible as of 12/16, and my blog is a snapshot from a few days ago. I spent 4 hours yesterday updating and revising my blog’s design, and this is what I wake up to. Here is what TypePad announced today:

    “During routine maintenance of our network and storage systems last night, we experienced an issue with our primary disk system where data from published blogs are stored. We are currently running diagnostics on the device, and working to restore your data as soon as possible. Verifying data can be a slow process and will take time.”

    “In the meantime we are currently deploying backup copies of your weblogs from approximately 2 days ago. This is what will be displayed for your blog. The TypePad application is currently unavailable, which means that users will not be able to log in, and visitors to weblogs will not be able to post comments. We are working to bring TypePad back online as soon as possible.”

    “We appreciate your patience as we work through these issues. We will be posting updates to throughout the day, and will post to Everything TypePad with major news.”

    I’m through with TypePad!

  • I hear you. Actually, the recently announced Yahoo package with Movable Type is less than what I pay for Typepad so I will be checking into that. Either way I have had enough. I cover junior formula racing and today was the finals for the Formula BMW World Finals from Bahrain which I have been covering all week. Was I able to post the final results of the race? Ya, 10 hours after it was over. Thanks a bunch Typepad.

  • All you disaffected TP folks should take the plunge & c’mon over to WordPress. I did it last May (before all this server crap started happening–but I was nonetheless disaffected from TP myself) & I’m glad I did. WP does require more technical attentiveness to your blog & does require that you open the hood & look around at what’s underneath. But there’s lots of help available fr. the WP support forum & other sources.

    If anyone wants more information pls. get in touch w. me through my blog. I’d be happy to talk to you further.

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