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Understanding the dark side of blogging

Understanding the dark side of blogging

I’m usually reluctant to link or point to the dark side of the blogosphere, but sometimes knowing the enemy and how they work can be both educational and interesting at the same time. If you’re looking for a little weekend reading check out the SEO Black Hat Blog, and their post here on dodgy blogging tactics and the whole “blog and ping” scene.

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  • I wouldn’t give them too much credit for being black hat, pheh… other than the domain name. These guys are amatures trying to look cool and make a few sales of the latest commercial software through blind affiliate links. No self respecting black hat would show off their robots.txt file like this.

  • With a name like SEO Black Hat and talking how to Fake Page Rank, Cloaking, how to spam search engines and other taboo topics, the search engines are looking for the slightest excuse to ban us. As such, we keep SEO black hat a pristine white hat site.

    Our content quality speaks for itself.

    As for pushing the latests commercial software, we have far fewer ads than even this site and feature links to free software and black hat code throughout our site.

  • Nick, any black hat seo knows enough to hide their robots.txt file from prying eyes. That file opens their entire site to scrutiny from other ruthless seo’s. As for not knowing what I’m talking about… well, whatever you say dude. Your site gets a lot more attention than mine from SE’s so you must be right.

    Quadzilla. Strictly white hat?? And quality content you may have, but what that content teaches is spam, plain and simple.

    Ads. Duncan doesn’t use blind affiliate links within his posts here, which is what I referred to in my origional comment.

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