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Vale Matt Mullweg

Vale Matt Mullweg

Duncan Riley> yes, I’ve pulled the post about the crucification of Matt Mullenweg over at, life is to short to get into a fight with people over he said/ she said. What is clear though that today on the blogosphere we have experienced the crucification of the reputation of a formerly well respected blogger, Matt Mullenweg, the genius behind WordPress. I suppose that if the blogosphere takes delight in crucifying people in the mainstream media, rightly or wrongly, then I suppose its only natural that we’ll eventually turn on one of our own. I can only encourage those when reporting the post and accusations at to take one step back and question the motives before posting. Matt has made a mistake, we all make mistakes, but is this really necessary? Is it right to destroy the reputation of one who has given so much to the blogosphere without greed nor profit?

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  • Heh so “crucifying” Matt — once — isn’t ok, but continuous jabs again 6A/Mena is ok? Lets see, Matt went about raising money but decided to do it in questionable ways, 6A went about raising money, and although they messed up the first time they at least it wasn’t in an unscrupulous manner. Now don’t get me wrong I think Matt’s a great guy (from the little interaction I’ve had with him) and I’d be interested in his explanation but I find your posts far more intruiging

  • You miss a main point, Matt was raising money to support WordPress not self enrichment, Mena was in it for the money for herself. WordPress is, and will always be Opensource.

  • “Matt was raising money to support WordPress not self enrichment”

    How do you know this? Matt has never said where any of the money has gone nor how much has ever been raised. There’s no transparency there.

    “Mena was in it for the money for herself.”

    Errrm, Mena? Don’t you mean Six Apart (which includes a LOT of people other than Mena, although you rarely seem to acknowledge that). This would be more aptly put by saying that “a corporation desired to make money from its product”. God forbid!

    Open source really has nothing to do with this and I doubt that you really have so much against the tenets of basic capitalism.

  • Ow!
    Totally agree with Duncan! Matt is frontman in promoting opensource.
    Btw nasty to drop this while Matt is on holiday in Europe…

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