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Value for money in Blog Advertising

Value for money in Blog Advertising

Duncan Riley> Just how much is the right amount to charge for Blog Advertising? a perinial question raised most recently by Darren at ProBlogger but prompted into my conscious this morning following a post from Dave Winer, who is never short on blego, boasting about obtaining two BlogAds for some real serious money. Interestingly he states that he hopes it’s worth it for the advertisers. The cost of the advertising for 1 week: $250 USD each ad for a site with 14,526 viewers according to the BlogAds page.
Advertisers either side of his listing, which are related in terms of traffic, are charging $25 and $35 respectively. The question rises: is this much money good value?

Obviously from a economic perspective advertisers wouldn’t pay up if they didn’t think so, and admitedly the targeting by the advertisers of Winer’s audience makes sence, but compared to the traffic the cost is still very high. With Google allowing bloggers to openly discuss their Adsense revenue now, the debate is likely to develop.

For those interested in what others are getting for advertising, and a rough feel for their traffic BlogAds is a good reference point.

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Do you think that $250/ wk for 14,000 views, which equates to rougly $18/CPM is good value, or is Dave robbing from the rich? Are you able to make hundreds a week from 14,000 views?
Let me know in the comments.

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  • “Best I’ve ever had for CPM is $25 (US), but that was for a large banner ad. The advertisers were very happy with the results – it was on a blog with 10,000+ daily visitors.”

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