Videoblogs, Screencast, blogcasts, What the?

More buzz words than you can poke a stick at. Videoblogs, Screencast, blogcasts…Robert Scolbe points to the rise of the concept of Screencasting, basically video blogging but video of the actions on a computer desktop, then also links to another site that refers to it as “Blogcasting”. Personally I didn’t even know half these terms existed, but I’ve being playing with a similar idea for a few months, basically providing videoblogcasts on blogging topics where you get pics and desktop action with my own dulcet tones on a number of blogging topics. Not sure about including my noggin yet because I don’t have the same cool facial hair that Darren Rowse has grown :-) An interesting niche area that’s sure to grow. Maybe it’s time I created a list of ideas and concepts that have spawned out of blogs and blogging, it’s become an entirely creative ecosphere on its own!

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  • Spend a week or two with Robin Good in your aggregator and you’ll have more new terms and technologies than you can shake a forest full of sticks at :-)

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