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Vince Chan takes stealing to a new level

Vince Chan takes stealing to a new level

We’ve seen the debates about the theft of blog templates in the past, but today I’ve found a site (via JOAB) that takes stealing to a new level, at that’s the Amblogger site (no follow used) of a Canadian blogger by the name of Vince Chan.

Look familiar? Compare the site to Darren Rowse’s The only differences are that Chan has tweaked the links based header and changed the offset color to blue. Everything else is the same, including the coding!!!!

Now I’ve always been hesitant when people accuse other of stealing templates, particularly in the WordPress community because the core of a lot of templates (including the template currently at The Blog Herald) were based on the core code of the Kubrick template (which is now the standard template loaded with WordPress) so you are always going to get similarities, 3 column blog templates on blog networks being one example, but this guy has out and out ripped and stolen the code from Darren.

If you are on Digg, Liberal Cowboy is asking for people to highlight his post on the matter, click here to add it to Digg and help draw attention to this thief. I’ve also emailed Dreamhost and CJ as well (he’s running TypePad ads via CJ).

I’m sure no one begrudges Chan’s right to blog about Problogging and what not, but stealing a template just isn’t on, I mean how hard is it to set up your own template or download a freely available template for WordPress and customise it?

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Update: it looks like Chan has stopped using the template, a great effort from the many people who put pressure on him to do so.

Further Update: Darren posts at Problogger about the experience.

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  • you are such nerds, just let him steal the stuff and get over it. He is of asian origin and have you ever been to asia? there’s virtually no such thing as copyright. fake gucci, fake prada, fake nike, fake design all over the place. so just quit giving him publicity and his blog will vanish in the depths of the web…

  • […] Some clown (who I won’t give a link here) ripped off Darren’s blog design. It was designed by Rachel at and is a copyrighted work.

    What some people will do for a little traffic is absolutely amazing sometimes. […]

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