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VW suicide bomber ad – should Autoblog have run it?

VW suicide bomber ad – should Autoblog have run it?

Jason Calacanis from Weblogsinc continues his open discussion with his readers with a post discussing the decision of Autoblog not to run the much talked about VW suicide bomber viral ad.

For those who haven’t heard about it yet, the ad features a Muslim suicide bomber who drives up to a cafe to detonate his bomb. Upon pressing the button, the bomb explodes inside the car, but the car and the people outside the car in the cafe are untouched, the implication being that the car is so well-built that even a suicide bomber can’t destroy it

Calacanis states that the decision was made by the editor of Autoblog and he fully backs the decision, as the ad is offensive to those that have lost love ones due to suicide bombers around the world, and despite the fact that not featuring the clip has cost Weblogsinc traffic and revenue.

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It’s always nice to see decisions made on ethics and moral judgement in the business world, and as we’ve written previously the open discussion on these and other issues from Jason Calacanis is a great example of how to do corporate blogging the right way.

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