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Walmart pulls Nazi t-shirt because of blog post

Walmart pulls Nazi t-shirt because of blog post

I have never heard of the blog Bent Corner before, but I can imagine it spikes its traffic at the moment. The blog has discovered a t-shirt at Walmart looking just like the logo of German SS Division Totenkopf (that German word that sounds so scary translates to ‘€œSkull’€?, sort of). Perhaps not such a smart thing to do, but in Walmarts’ defense you have to note that this skull isn’€™t widely known as a Nazi symbol.

What do Walmart do then? Well, they e-mail every blog that covers the story and promises to pull the t-shirts in a day or two, since they’€™re a big organization. Apparently it isn’€™t going fast enough, since Bent Corner has a follow-up post.

Also, check out the coverage over at The Consumerist.

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  • In my defense, it’s not that they are not removing the shirts fast enough. They have not even started to alert the stores that they are selling Nazi swag in their stores. Something they could effortlessly do so in minutes.

    This is the forth day since I posted about the problem, yet the only way a store manager is going to know he or she has Nazi paraphernalia on their sales floor is if they happen to read about it on my blog, Digg, or other fine websites like yours.

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