Want to be a professional blogger? Here are 5 skills you’ll need. 

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There’s a huge difference between creating any blog and creating a successful blog. CSS and HTML skills are important, as is creating engaging and shareable content. Professional bloggers also need a business-like focus on monetisation opportunities and growth. In this article, we’ll share 5 essential skills needed to create a powerful and profitable blog with real influence.

Up your content writing skills

Writing stellar content that gets noticed is essential for any blogger. But this isn’t just about telling a great story; you need to add value with your content too. Value is essential in developing loyalty in every single business and for every single brand; and professional blogging is no different. Content creates this value, so it’s vital you develop engaging and useful writing- churning out posts day after day for the sake of it won’t cut it.

Obviously the basics are important; write clearly, concisely and make sure every post has a clear point. It’s also important to craft every post with your audience in mind, clearly showing you care about what they get from your writing. As with any business; take ‘customer’ insight and into consideration- listen and respond to what your readers are saying.

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Professional bloggers need to be super sellers

Part of being a successful professional blogger is having stellar selling tools. You need to be able to sell your brand, your blog and your message; all without it appearing like a hard sell. It’s a tricky balance, but getting it right will supercharge your blog. This includes having a trusted brand, having great audience and customer insight and pitching your products (whether that’s affiliate products, your own brand or with paid partnerships) just right.

Take into consideration:

  • Be genuine. Whatever the focus of your blog, own it. Make sure your expertise shines through in every single post. Your readers will respond when you’re genuine, making monetisation much easier.
  • Sell with stories. In addition to great content with value, you need great storytelling. People buy brands, not products; and this is especially true for bloggers. Craft a compelling story with strong brand values.
  • Don’t go for the hard sell. Nothing turns people away more than being sold to. Your readers need to be engaged and loyal to your blog; that’s the point you can start to monetise effectively. Take time to build your readership with genuine engagement and interaction and it will pay off.

Make sure you know how to create engaging video

Every marketer knows how essential video is in creating engaging content; and it’s no different for professional bloggers. People LOVE video. In fact, according to Hubspot, 54% of people want to see more of it. Video is a great way for professional bloggers to boost their brand and authority; creating trusted personas that keep readers coming back. It’s also an important tool for sharing product reviews, behind the scenes clips (for example of restaurant or brand experiences) and sharing news in an exciting, user-friendly way. Video will help amplify your brand values, recent campaigns and any promote any new brand partnerships. Take the time to create professional, creative and brand-aligned videos and you’ll start to create real reader loyalty.

You need to think like a B2C marketer

Professional bloggers need to think like a business to ensure longevity and profitability; and that means you need an email list. Email marketing is a great way to build up an engaged customer base; taking your ability to target and segment your audience to to the next level. Crafting a compelling email strategy with great insight is really useful for a professional blogger; allowing you to take your customers with you at every stage of your blog. To create an opted-in list, offer an incentive to your reader. For example, a free download or resource in exchange for your reader’s email. You’ll then be able to send engagement-boosting material or promotional content based on any new partnerships or products.

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Bloggers need great SEO skills to power social proof

Having strong SEO skills as a professional blogger is vital. As well as creating SEO rich, shareable blog posts, make sure you amplify and underpin your great blog content with a strong social media strategy too. Use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to enhance your social network and increase cross promotion opportunities. Developing a strong social media presence is hugely important for any professional blogger, contributing to the social proof that will boost your business opportunities as a blogger. 

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To wrap up

Creating a profitable blog with longevity requires top selling skills, strong SEO ability and genuine marketing-based customer insight, ensuring you can keep your readers engaged. Combining interesting and valuable content with marketing skills will develop a blog with successful monetisation and longevity.

About the author

Hannah Hambleton is the Content Manager for Beambox. Hannah writes about how to utilise marketing trends, techniques and technology to boost growth and create lasting loyalty; whatever your business. Beambox combines guest WiFi with a marketing platform for lasting and actionable customer insight.

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