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Weblogs Inc., called out over Pop Unders

Weblogs Inc., called out over Pop Unders

Scrivs, the owner of the 9rules blog ring and Fine Fools Blog Network has called out Jason Calacanis and Weblogs Inc., for using popunders. Can’t say I’m a fan of popunders personally, and we don’t use them at the current time at b5media, although I have worked with people who do use them and I understand the reason why they do….the CTR rates and eCPM rates on popunders are far superior to that of nearly every other ad placement I’ve worked with…what do they say? that’s the fact Jack :-)

Update: Jason Calacanis notes in the comments that they don’t use pop-unders and asks that I correct the post. Jason, try reading the post! I’m quoting someone else carrying on about pop-unders at WIN, never said you did and cant say I’ve ever seen them either.

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