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Weblogs Inc., launches PSP blog with new AOL livery

Weblogs Inc., launches PSP blog with new AOL livery

Jason Calacanis of the now AOL owned Weblogs Inc., has announced the launch of a new Joystiq offshoot blog: PSPFanboy, hot on the heels on the recent launch of the XBOX360Fanboy – Joystiq offshoot blog, but the newer blog comes with a difference: a major overhaul of the standard Weblogs Inc., template including a lot fewer ads. and for the first time a dark background/ sidecolor as well. The other major change includes links to major categories at the top of the side bar. Whether the reduction to only 2 Google ads per page is due to the AOL change has not been confirmed, but certain the new blog certainly looks good.

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  • It really is a great design .. but is it the background color that makes it look so good? When I first saw that site I thought to myself… “Self .. How can you get a sidebar like that for your off-the-shelf WordPress blog templates?” It’s like a work of art, perfect widths, yah – it’s good.

  • I have looked at the Joystiq blogs, and have been highly impressed with the layout, as well as the content. As long as they keep writing it I will keep reading.Great blog.

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