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Weblogs Inc., seeking writers for Engadget

Weblogs Inc., seeking writers for Engadget

Weblogs Inc’s uber-gizmo blog Engadget, arguably the most popular blog on the planet (well… No.1 on the Feedster 500 anyway) is seeking bloggers for what many would consider to be the dream blog writing gig of a lifetime.

The three paying positions available are Daytime editor, European correspondent and Engadget Japanese editor and experience in a similar position is not necessary, but you will need to be able to write and write well.

To apply you’ll need to provide three sample posts written in “the Engadget style”, a list of “your top three gadgets of the year (so far’€¦) and fave all-time gadget”, your salary requirements, and a few words about yourself. Further details are available on Engadget here.

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  • Well, they sub in bots during the lunch breaks, and then after everyone goes to bed. I think the “auto post” technology was developed by spammers using Google News.

    Either way it seems their machines are breaking down so they need temps in to replace them, at least until they can generate enough income via ads to buy another bot. ;)

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