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Weblogs Inc., to include chat rooms for leading blogs?

Weblogs Inc., to include chat rooms for leading blogs?

Weblogs Inc., may be considering the implementation of chats rooms to accompany its leading blog properties The Blog Herald has learned.

Following a post from Jason Calacanis inviting users to watch him as he plays with “webchat”, the login to the chat script lists chat rooms for leading Weblogs Inc., sites (see pic). The move if implemented fully would be an interesting move for Weblogs Inc., with site hosted chat rooms normally regarded poorly in the web industry in general due to their reliance on having reasonable numbers of people involved in chatting over an extended time period to gain momentum and to keep users.

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  • Just playing with it…. I think on some blogs a chat once and while might work. For me personally I want to start having my IMs inpublic so folks know what I’m thinking…. make my life easier if I expose my IMs because I don’t have to answer the same 100 questions 50 times a week!

    It’s an experiment for sure.

  • This doens’t seem like a super-useful replacement for trackbacks and comments.

    We profiled sxip the other day at techcrunch. One of their products, Sxore, is supposed to be a great trackback/comment spam killer. Has anyone tried it out yet that wants to discuss how it works?

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