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WeblogsInc breaks $2k a day on Adsense

WeblogsInc breaks $2k a day on Adsense

Jason Calacanis’ WeblogsInc has broken $2000 USD per day in advertising revenue from Google’s Adsense contextual advertising program, according to a post at his blog today.

The figure comes some 6 weeks after WeblogsInc first broke $1,000 USD per day, and sees WeblogsInc on track to become the first blogging network (possibly even any company as well) to break $1million in advertising revenue for a year from Adsense.

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  • I doubt they’d be the first company to break the $1m mark from Adsense. Probably the first blogging company (although i suspect’s adsense figures would be pretty decent too – they are in the premium publishers program) – I know of some pretty heavy hitters with Adsense outside of blogging circles that are doing well and truly more than $2k a day (they’re in the five figures a day field).

    Having said this – good going Weblogs Inc.

  • There are many–MANY–companies doing over $1m a year in Google Adsense.

    Also, we’re not one blog, we are 75 so if you do the math it’s 10k a blog… not much really.

    Now, if we can add two more zeros I’ll be happy. :-)

    best j

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