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Weblogsinc lands Bill Gates Interview

Weblogsinc lands Bill Gates Interview

Jason Calacanis’ Weblogs Inc has announced the publication of an insightful interview between Engadget Editor Peter Rojas and Microsoft Founder Bill Gates.

In part one of a two part interview series published today, Peter Rojas spoke one-on-one with Bill Gates about: the launch of the next Xbox console, Media Center PC, whether or not Microsoft is going to come out with a competitor for the PlayStation Portable, Microsoft’s mobile strategy, and the future of Windows Mobile.

The second part of the interview to be published tomorrow includes HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray, IPTV, Windows Media Center, and why Tablet PC has struggled so much.

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The scoop in landing Gates for Engadget in both a bonus for the network, and further signs of the maturity of blogs as major players in the news and media field.

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