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Welcome to the Blog Herald v5.0 (beta)

Welcome to the Blog Herald v5.0 (beta)

Duncan Riley> Welcome to (yet) another new version of the Blog Herald, Version 5, which incorporates the general layout theme for Weblog Empire, as well as some cleaner code and hopefully easier to follow layout and navigation. The theme is roughly based on a WordPress Kubrick theme, but 3 column with some other bits and pieces thrown in for good measure.

The site is also now fully up with the new host, and the dns is happily pointing in the right direction. Like all good sites though, the new page is displaying slightly differently in IE compared to Firefox, and although IE has the content slightly to the right, it’s all good so far otherwise. If you see anything astray please let me know.

So enjoy, and now I can get on with posting :-)

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  • Congratulations on the new design and new host! I read your previous blog entry about choosing a web host. So which one did you choose and why? Thank you!

  • I ended up going with Site5 based on their reputation and offerings. It was slightly higher than some of the others on the short list but I liked alot of the features and it suted my needs well, with extra bandwidth etc… so far so good, the customer service isn’t the quickest I’ve experienced, but there is the time different here as well (most of my requests are in the middle of the night US EST), but it has been really good so far, and the control panel has just about got to be one of the best in the industry.

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