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We’re back again…sort of

We’re back again…sort of

Apologies to regular readers (and the new owner who is still completing due dillegence…the stats are going to look bad :-) ), The Blog Herald seems to have spent more time down then up in the last 12-18 hours. It was down when I went to bed last night and it was down when I got up this morning. The b5media North team has been working hard and getting things working but new servers are so much fun :-) hopefully things will remain stable from now on…touch wood.

Update: working now for 10 minutes….in some ways I’ll be happy when the sale in finalised because the stress of having The Blog Herald down for any length of time is like suffering from drug withdrawal symptoms (I presume…of course never personally experienced this).

More Update: if you can actually read this we are up, however our hosts, The Planet, continue to claim that there is nothing wrong with our hosting despite two experts now telling us that we’ve got a hardware issue on the server The Blog Herald is hosted on…..grrrr……

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  • If it’s worth anything, I’ve always through you had an issue as well. I can almost always count on the first time I try a link to your site not being successful. I have to refresh to get it.

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