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We’re Hiring at The Blog Herald

We’re Hiring at The Blog Herald

Now that we’ve stablized with our current roster of bloggers and columnists, I’m looking for a few more voices to add to the mix here…..

If you’re a witty & interesting sort that spends far too much time looking at the Web 2.0 world – or something akin to it – then you’re the sort of person that we’re looking for. Drop us a line at jobs [at] blogmedia [dot] biz with at least one writing sample fit to post at The Blog Herald. We’ll see if you have the right stuff.

More information after the break.

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Primarily we’re looking for folks that can write somewhat regularly throughout the course of the month. Bloggers generally post 20-50 times monthly while columnists generally once or twice each week. We pay a flat fee per post/column with some “unofficial” bonuses for nailing the frontpage of Digg, for example.

As publisher, I give all bloggers and columnists a completely free hand – and they rarely show me their work before posting. It’s a fun place to write with significant traffic. We are, after all, the leading source for blog news!

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