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What happened to You Link me, I Link you

What happened to You Link me, I Link you

Lawn Greengrass> It’s sad point to have to make but in my view the camaraderie, the ‘all-in-the-same-boat-ness’ that the blogging community held special to its increase and popularity on the internet, seems well on the decline. Whether or not it’s something to do with the Corporates sticking their noses in where they’re not wanted and changing the landscape or the Bloggers themselves losing the plot I’m not sure. But what happened to helping fellow Bloggers out? Or to put it simply what happened to ‘You Link me – I Link you.’?

I’m sick to the teeth with the Bloggers who have gone all arty-farty on me and decided for whatever reason, to take their Links off of their front page and deposit them on a specially made and hard to find poncy Link Page, or even worse a cascading list that requires the pushing of a button. Let’s face it, there can’t be that many of their readers who are actually going to go looking for Links?

Links to other Blogs should be there, Front Page. No matter how long or how short the list is. It should be easy to find. Right there. In the reader’s face.

I am so pissed off with some of the Bloggers that supposedly reciprocate with me, that if I can’t find my site in a place that’s up-front and obvious (as theirs is on my site) , I will reciprocate and delete them all together.

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  • Gee.

    The design of my page is as important to me as the content — actually, they are interwoven.

    I read too many weblogs to list them on my front page and still maintain the design I want, for me and for my readers. Also, I don’t link for “political” reasons; I link to what I like, what I read, and what I think my readers might be interested in.

    Many of the sites I link to would never link to me, and I know that. That’s OK with me.

    Kinja is sounding better and better . . .

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