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What next for Jason Calacanis?

What next for Jason Calacanis?

Now that Jason Calacanis has sold Weblogs Inc., to AOL for a reported $25 million, and it not being the first time Calacanis has developed a media play and onsold it for a profit, I thought we’d start a thread on what he might do next.

My suggestions:
1. Start up a podcasting network
He’s only just launched Engadget Labs with a purpose built podcasting studio, I cant see AOL wanting the studio, so perhaps Podcasting Inc.,?
2. Start up a Web 2.0 company
Jason’s been caught up in the buzz of the whole Web 2.0/ Ajax/ DHTML craze that’s been sweeping the blogosphere of late, would seem like an ideal future endeavor
3. Have babies, raise a family
Its not impossible, he is after all engaged (as opposed to Engadgeted), and he’s not short of a quid either. Maybe its a quiet life for him from now on?

Leave your comment: what should Jason Calacanis do next?

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  • Pods and sods, babies, the quiet life … I’m sure he appreciates your advice, Duncan :-)

    Has anyone considered he might go on the AOL/TimeWarner board. He knows a thing or two about advertising, and that’s what the tired old dear needs now ~ I mean AOL not Jason, of course.

    Or maybe he should become an adviser to b5media on how to position a blog network for sale to mainstream media. ;-)

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