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What’s Blogebrity up to?

What’s Blogebrity up to?

Aside from having a feed that hasn’t worked since December (picture above), the link on the former Blogebrity feed is diverted to which reads RxSN Baseball and seems to be either a spam blog or a Web 2.0 style blog aggregation site (where the line is I’ve never really been sure…) Screenshot below in case it magically disappears.

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  • For starters–we’ve tried to redirect people to our feed at — the problem is only happening with Bloglines (and an old cached version of our feed that never published the transfer message).

    Second–the RxSN Baseball site just happens to sit on the same server as Blogebrity. It has nothing to do with Blogebrity. The old domain is currently resolving to it, and I’m trying to get it figured out and forwarded to Blogebrity.

    As for the spamblog vs. Web 2.0 aggregation site–knowing the group involved (and being an advisor/contributor), the intent is definitely to aggregate content.

    I’d love to hear the explanation from those calling it a spamblog where is the line drawn.

  • I’ve responded to this by email but I’ll add a bit here.

    As for the redirect I find this hard to believe, cut the old feed off your server and do a .htaccess rewrite, that’ll fix it.

    secondly someone claiming to be from one of the sites you “aggregate” is in the comments here claiming theft. Not me, them.

    3. If the sites got nothing to do with Blogebrity how does it end up with a Blogebrity subdomain? $7.99 at Namecheap for a new domain with a coupon if you need it :-)

  • Kyle.
    I see that your site Trojan Wire advertises on there. I think you should pull the advertiser button on that one. I’ve been in hot water myself lately and its not worth it.

  • Cowboy–what sort of hot water you talking about?

    Duncan–I don’t think I ever said you were claiming theft in RxSN Baseball; I knew that was someone from the comments.

    To be absolutely clear–the two goals for RxSN Baseball are (a) to give people one place to read baseball blogging, broken down by team/player, and (b) to promote baseball blogs and help expose people to new voices in the space (thats why we clearly label sources and link to their sites/posts in multiple places).

    I detest spamblogging as much as all of you do–and we will keep developing/editing RxSN Baseball, and making changes to ensure the site is adding value for the baseball blogging community, not detracting from it.

    In the interim, I welcome any feedback to [email protected].

  • One more thing–the “old feed” you refer to Duncan–it doesn’t exist on our server anymore. I’d most certainly delete it if it were that simple.

    The feed you’re seeing is an old cached version on Bloglines servers, that multiple emails to them hasn’t helped get removed.

  • The Blog War Drama. It got to the point where i figured out it just wasnt worth it. I’d recommend pulling that site before a storm starts brewing.

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