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What’s Technorati got planned?

What’s Technorati got planned?

Steve Rubel points to a new service from Technorati: Technorati favorites, which is basically sort of a RSS aggregation service in itself (you add all your friends and it aggregates the feed and share that page if you like) but also another way of combining feeds into one feed to display in your RSS reader (like Feedjumbler). I can’t help that think though that with all these groovy new services, Technorati has something bigger planned. They aren’t hosting feeds yet but they do virtually everything else, and I’d think the RSS aggregation market is too overcrowded + aside from flogging stuff to the MSM and the occasional ad, I’m still not seeing huge revenue streams either.

There is one service provider that is prime for some competition: and that’s Feedburner. Imagine the power of Technorati combined into a Feedburner style service. Combine it with all the other stuff and all the new things Technorati is rolling out? Makes sense, and they could even charge for a premium service as well….so they can tempt Niall back with a bigger pay packet :-)

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